Artsakhbank CJSC was established in 1996. The bank holds the RA Central Bank’s License N 75 of August 14, 1996.

Artsakhbank is a resident bank of Armenia with its mission to foster steady investment growth by assisting in establishment and further development of middle and small entrepreneurship, facilitate economically effective social programmes implementation, and offer a wide range of regional financial market products for welfare of people of Armenia and Artsakh.

The bank is a shareholder of Armenian Card CJSC and an affiliate member of ArCa national payment system, member of MasterCard International payment system and AMX Armenia Securities Exchange. Also, the Bank is a member of SWIFT international money transfer system, and serves Unistream, IntelExpress, MoneyGram account-free transfer systems for individuals.

The bank’s shareholders are: Business Fund of Armenia, CJSC (51.718%), Artsakh Investment Fund (44.988%), other resident legal entities (0.357%), resident natural persons (2.936%), non-resident natural persons (0.001%).

The bank operates through 22 branches, of which 7 perform in Yerevan, while 15 throughout Artsakh.

As at April 30, 2019 the Bank had 483 employees.

As at December 31, 2018 the total capital of the bank is AMD 35,944,581 thousand, assets – AMD 155,683,176 thousand, and liabilities – AMD 119,738,595 thousand.