Fast Bank

Fast Bank started its journey in the financial system in 1994 as a pawnshop, then in 2011 it was registered as a credit organization under
the name “Fast Credit Capital” UCO CJSC.

On 09.11.2022, Fast Credit acquired a banking license and was registered as “Fast Bank” CJSC.

The organization provides the services it offers to its customers 24/7 in 29 branches in Yerevan and the regions of the Republic of Armenia.

Fast Bank will continue its development path with the vision of becoming a digital bank and creating an online ecosystem, forming a new lifestyle on the digital platform.


Mission and Vision

The Mission is to assist the micro, small and medium entrepreneurship development especially in the rural areas through the provision of credit, loans and other services constituted by the legislation as well as to assist the development of consumer lending. 

The Vision is to be a dynamic growing financial institution and provide wide range of financial services through fast and high-quality services. 

“Fast Bank” CJSC aims to make the financial services more accessible for the different layers of the society and even for those who as yet have no opportunities to receive these services from the banks and other credit organizations.


Honesty and trust“Fast Bank” is honest, fair and it achieves trust by keeping high standards of conduct.

UnityThe Company works together as a team to achieve its goals.

Effective managementThe operations are simple and clear for all participants of the organization.

LeadershipThe Company permanently trains its employees so that workers have sufficient knowledge and skills in the field of financial services and customer care.

The Company provides relevant information to employees and encourage them to permanently improve their knowledge, skills and manner.