Equiti AM

Equiti AM CJSC was incorporated in 2012 (formerly known as Financial Technologies Laboratory CJSC and Divisa AM CJSC) CBA license № 0011, issued on 10.07.2012, amendments made on 22.09.15; 23.11.2018 and 10.12.2018.

Equiti AM CJSC is a part of the Equiti Group and the sole Shareholder of Equiti AM CJSC is the Equiti Capital UK Ltd.

Equiti AM carries out brokerage and other services in the Forex and Derivatives market for Professional and Institutional clients mostly for the CIS and Middle East regions.

Equiti AM is a member of AMX | Armenia Securities Exchange. Also, Equiti AM was awarded “THE BEST PROVIDER OF LIQUIDITY” by Traders Union Awards 2020.

As of September 30, 2022, Equiti AM employed a staff of 16.

As of September 30, 2022, the total capital of the company is AMD 803,097thousand, assets – AMD 1,181,492 thousand, liabilities – AMD 378,396 thousand.

Equiti Group prides itself on the following values:
• Innovation – Equiti embraces innovative technological solutions to stay ahead of its peers, to gain market share and to create shareholder value.
• Collaborative Culture – Equiti is proud of its collaborative culture and unifies its resources to expand the boundaries of possibilities and ideas with the goal of achieving excellence.
• Ethics – Equiti focuses on leading the industry by applying strong ethical and transparent business practices which will be reflective in the way we interact with our clients, thereby building trust and loyalty.
• Freedom of Expressions – Equiti provides a supportive environment that promotes the freedom of ideas and the opportunity to innovate and contribute to new ways of doing things.

To learn more about the Company, please visit: www.equiti.am