Byblos Bank Armenia

Byblos Bank Armenia is a universal financial institution that is focused on the domestic and regional markets. The Bank is founded in 2007 as the outcome of a 100% stake acquisition of Byblos Bank in International Trade Bank in Armenia.

The mission of the Bank is to offer world class services to the customer, value-creation to the shareholder, fulfillment to the employee, and economic benefits to the community it serves.

Since 2016 the 100% owner of the Bank is the Byblos Bank SAL. The indirect significant participants are Dr. Francois Bassil and Mr. Bassam Nassar.

The bank has 5 branches in Yerevan.

As of September 30, 2022, the total capital of the bank is AMD 30,145,305 thousand, assets – AMD 97,186,054 thousand, liabilities – AMD 67,040,749 thousand.