“ARMSWISSBANK” CJSC was founded in October 7, 2004 and was granted a license #84 on banking activity by Central Bank of Armenia in February 25, 2005.

The bank conducts its activity remaining loyal to corporate and investments banking principles, accepted in international practice.

Apart from traditional banking services, the bank also offers a wide range of non-traditional banking services such as factoring, trade finance instruments brokerage and custody services, as well as foreign currency instruments, such as swap, forward, future, option, operations with gold, underwriting and market-making services and other services meeting client’s need.

The bank associates with international payment system SWIFT, information systems such as Bloomberg, Reuters, R-trader, Saxotrader, TKB_FX, FXAll_Fx Trading, Armenia Stock Exchange and Quick electronic trade systems, as well as local BankMail and CBA net systems for implementing its activities.

“HVS Holding” S.a.r.l, which carries out commercial activity, is the owner of 14588 (87.53%) ordinary shares of “ARMSWISSBANK” CJSC, “FMTM Distribution” LTD, which carries out commercial activity, is the owner of 2079 (12.47%) ordinary shares of “ARMSWISSBANK” CJSC. At the same time, Vardan Sirmakes, who is the founder of Swiss watches company “Frank Muller Watchland”, is beneficiary owner of the bank with 100% ordinary shares.

The bank has 143 employees.

As of December 31, 2020, the total capital of the bank is AMD 64,047,097 thousand, assets – AMD 387,058,414 thousand, liabilities – AMD 323,011,317 thousand.

As of September 30, 2022, the total capital of the bank is AMD 46,691,251 thousand, assets – AMD 372,907,057 thousand, liabilities – AMD 326,215,806 thousand.