ARFI Investment Company operates the first investment crowdfunding platform in Armenia. It is part of ANIF (Armenian National Interests Fund) which aims at ensuring continuous expansion and growth of investment and business environments in Armenia’s economy, and prepares to taking the next step of its mission by creating global tools for investing in auspicious projects by companies established in Armenia.

The investments are expected in startups and small to medium enterprises with solid potential of development on the Armenia Financed (ARFI) crowdfunding platform. The platform is open for both professional and non-professional investors as individuals and as legal entities. That said, the purpose of the ARFI crowdfunding platform is to establish new sources of funding for small and medium businesses and startups, and equally give investors opportunities to invest in non-listed small and medium enterprises and startups. That is, an investor gets additional revenues, in pursuance of the principle of enriching the Armenian, while enriching oneself. A target audience of the platform are global Armenians, who want to make profitable investments and are equally looking for possibilities to contributing into the efforts for strengthening the ties between Armenia and the Diaspora.


The investment crowdfunding is a tool to go public with a business idea, creating opportunities to attract new financial sources. Small funds attracted from large number of investors help prospective projects a reality in exchange for shares or through other ownership options. Bearing higher risks than traditional investment options, the investment crowdfunding usually yields higher average revenues and creates opportunities for individual investors to participate in companies with major potential.

The companies registered on the platform will be offering investors a wide range of financial tools, such as shares, bonds (including convertibles), as well as SAFE (simple agreement for future equity) agreements. The investment projects are also expected to comprise rewards and donations components.


  • Fully online investment process
  • Online investing options using electronics signature
  • Individual ‘investor rooms’ for qualified investors
  • Online verification of clients in compliance with the international standards for the fight against money laundering and financing of terrorism
  • Online screening of companies through automated systems, as well as their due diligence
  • Flexibility of financing schemes, provision of information on projects in a range of formats (animations, video, images, texts, other), as well as flexibility of financing conditions (referral programs, discount options based on days, sum amount, or other conditions)
  • A wide range of investment transfers, including card and wire transfer options
  • Online registration of investor ownership on investor securities accounts
  • Proper level of client data protection
  • Data protection on cloud infrastructures in compliance with the international standards
  • Efficient client management through integrated software
  • Technical and software-related risk management and application of automated localization system of platform updates